Aas Mek. Verksted – new building contract

Published 14.03.2019 // 16:51 CET

Aas Mek. Verksted has signed a contract with Brønnbåt Nord AS for the construction of a well boat of the yard’s own design, type AAS 3002 ST.

– The boat will be our new building no. 205 and will be delivered to the shipping company Brønnbåt Nord AS, which is a well boat company which was founded in 2015 and which is located at Engenes in Ibestad municipality. The company is a local collaboration between Salaks AS, Gratanglaks and Kleiva Fiskefarm AS. The company has two wellboats from before, which are also former Aas buildings, said in a press release from the yard.

About the boat

The wellboat has a load capacity of 3000 m3 and is among other things, designed for open and closed transport with RSW cooling, low draft for smolt transport and dewatering system for freshwater treatment of fish etc.

The hull will be built abroad, and the new building will be handed over to the company in the first quarter of 2021.

The boat is top equipped for transporting live fish in open and closed systems in a safe and gentle manner, zero emissions during closed transport with monitoring, cleaning and treatment of all water circulation, filter system for collecting lice, UV treatment of water in and out of the cargo holds, auto washing and disinfecting facilities, monitoring, regulation and logging of water parameters, etc. In addition, the boat is also arranged to be a service vessel for various missions for the fish farms.

The new building has been designed for pressure-unloading for onshore installations, for sorting, debugging and the like, without the use of a vacuum pump for the most gentle handling of the fish.

Main dimensions

Length i.a. 76.96 meters, width 17.80 meters and depth 5.90 meters.

The cargo volume is 3000 m3 which gives a capacity of 400-450 tonnes of live fish. The loading space is divided into two fishing wells, which are equipped with sliding bulkheads and pressure loading and unloading systems. The boat will have accommodation for 12 people.

– We from the shipyard’s side look at this contract with Brønnbåt Nord AS, which is very important for our position as the leading wellboat builder, and look forward to cooperating with Brønnbåt Nord, says the press release.

Source: Maritimt Magasin