Kolombus and Norled with the world’s first hybrid speed boat

Published 24.04.2019 // 13:35 CET

A hybrid speedboat is an extremely important step on the road to Norway being a low-emission community in 2050 and this will be a reference project for public transport throughout Norway, said Hege Skogland Mokleiv, Deputy Chairman of Columbus’s board,

Norled’s “MS Fjordled” is a hybrid speed boat with a capacity of 89 passengers, 24 meters long and 7 meters wide and it uses electric propulsion in port areas and normal diesel operation at full speed. The boat has the best exhaust purification that is possible to achieve, Tier III, and thus meets new environmental requirements that come in the future. This speedboat is the first of its kind in Norway.

I am very proud to be able to stand here today in this new work project, stated regional manager for speedboats in Norled, Bjørn Egil Søndenå.

He says that when Norled won in a fierce tender competition against competitors, one became accustomed to both price and environment. This is a milestone in relation to environmental improvement on speed boats, with forward-looking solutions that release 80 percent less NOx than the previous boat that traveled the route between Haugesund and Røvær, ”says Søndenå.

“MS Fjordled” is the result of a forward-looking tender process from Columbus’ side and Norled has followed up with new and competitive technology and I am proud that Haugesund and Haugalandet are the first to get the pleasure of such advances in environmental technology, Mokleiv stated in Kolumbus.

Kolumbus has a strategic goal of being fossil-free by 2024. To achieve this goal, one is dependent on replacing the internal combustion engine increasingly in the future and this is Fjordled’s example, Mokleiv said.

Norled will operate the Røvær connection for 10 years and in addition, the boat satisfies the latest requirements in universal design. Søndenå in Norled thanks Kolumbus for good cooperation which has led to the new boat, and at the same time highlighted good cooperation with the yard GS Marine, Brunvoll which has delivered control systems and Greeenland Energy which has delivered the battery pack and Servogear which has delivered the propulsion system.

Source: Skipsrevyen