Offshore: another special competence area of Gateway Norway AS (Norway / Europe / Worldwide).

Gateway Norway AS will assist  marine technology companies to reach Norwegian offshore / onshore markets and world-wide markets!


Our goals are as follows:

  • To get Norwegian buyers and European sellers meet each other in such a way that the needs of both parties and their offered products / services are pre-defined and they will meet their expectations
  • = Supply and demand meet each other!
  • To provide information and contacts for the operational activity in Norway (taxation, trade unions, company registration or establishment, Norwegian regulations, NORSOK-standard, etc.) in such a way that European vendor party has correct preparedness to act in the Norwegian market according to valid and appropriate rules and regulations.
Our targets groups are as follows:
  • Contractors and suppliers with expertise in marine technology and Oil & Gas industries targeted Norwegian engineering groups and Norwegian EPCI / EPCM contractors
  • Larger supplier companies (electro, automation, mechanical engineering, etc.) that have interest and ability to work in Norway as turnkey contractors within their own professional industry field.

Let Gateway Norway AS accelerate your offshore business!