The customers of  Gateway Norway AS are having many advantages:

  • Save your time and money when you do not need to have employ your own personnel in the new establishment country.
  • We know “our” countries , we speak the local language, we live permanently in the establishing country.
  • We know our markets, sources of information and how we come in contact with the right potential companies and their decision makers, as well as their background and other roles / relationships in your business field.
  • We minimize business risks with credit check and we are also “checking” the decision makers regarding their credibility, background, network, etc.
  • We minimize other risks for you by giving advice and guidance to you e.g. local employment agreements, as well as systematic HSE work according to the local requirements.
  • Due to flat and streamlined organisation chart of Gateway Norway AS, you will not loose time in your home country or in your target country on bureaucracy, but you will get efficient and practical guidance on 24/7 basis.
  • If desired, we can establish the company for you in the target country, providing financial management, organising the daily management and operation as long as you need it . We can also offer you local telecommunications solutions and the office address for your  business in your establishment country.
  • With the help of our assistance you can immediately start your business with the relevant key persons in your industry and with the necessary background information. You are able to establish legitimate business only a few days after you have established your new business contacts .

Please note that we have already done practically all of these same actions by ourselves and that is exactly why we are ready to help you with our experience and network, in such a way that this will be  a benefit for you and for your company.