About us

Gateway Norway AS is a Norwegian private limited company: a consultancy company with a following vision – “Norway as the gateway to Europe / European markets”. Numerous requests from small and medium enterprises (SMEs ) were the final driving force for formation of the company . SMEs need assistance with establishment abroad (in various European countries) , export assistance with different market anlyses and transfer of production to other countries (e.g.lower production cost).

We believe in practical , simple , customer and business owner oriented way of working.

Our consultant team consists of people who have SMEs and entrepreneurial experience in international business. We have internationalized our previous businesses to other countries and markets, for example, moved production to cheaper countries etc. Now we come help other SMEs with their internationalization processes using our own experiences and contacts. We distinguish ourselves from other consulting because we are already in progress , while others are still working on theoretical sketches on the drawing board .

We follow our customers an agreed period or we are participating in support of customers’ daily operations, in accordance with customers’ own will and needs.

We are entrepreneurs just like you, but the difference is that we have already implemented that what you are plan to start up.