Our services are consisting for example of the following:

  • Market research . Preparation of development- or internationalization plan and implementation of plans in practice.
  • Search by partner companies or potential customers in target country / countries.
  • “Door opener” in the respect of new customers and their decision makers. Practical participation in sales and marketing tasks, if desired.
  • Financial and credit information, company background information and roles / relationships in the current business field / branch.
  • Consultation on your current business: assistance with employment and union agreements, safety regulations, etc. in your target country.
  • Company formation including financial and accounting issues according to local laws and regulations of the host country. Transfer of production to lower cost country and establishment abroad, especially in Poland.
  • Sales representative in your target country.

We have developed relevant top competence due to our own background and experience  in mechanical industry, shipbuilding and offshore industries.

In addition to Norway , we are present in the Netherlands , Poland, France and Finland. Our network and our expert knowledge is covering numerous international companies and their relevant decision makers in several countries.