Shipbuilding contracts & order book update – Norway: 6/2019

Published 20.06.2019 // 12:16 CET

Here below you can find the updated overview:

New building order book – Norwegian shipyards: 6th edition – 2019.

For example the following shipyard: “Havyard” have signed new contracts again.

Very latest news:

Myklebust Verft has signed a contract with Sølvtrans Rederi for the construction of a new live fish carrier.

The new live fish carrier will receive building number 75 at Myklebust Verft and will be delivered in March 2021. The vessel is based on the design Kongsberg NVC 389. Compared to the two previous vessels from Myklebust to Sølvtrans, the loading capacity has increased from 3200 m3 to 4000 m3. This has been achieved by increasing the hull length by 7.2 meters. The hull is to be built at the Turkish shipyard Hat-San.


The link below to the order book update:

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