Vietnam as a destination

The future is in Vietnam, are you also there?


Vietnam is among top three destinations for foreign investment in the region – just after China and India – since joining WTO. Vietnam has shown remarkable integration to global economy. With sustainable competitive advantages from stable political situation, favorable investment environment and skilled workforce, Vietnam is gaining tremendous amount of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), including FDI shift from China and Thailand due to investment diversification strategy from international investors.

Located in the center of Southeast Asia and having coastal line of 3.444 kilometers long makes Vietnam extremely attracting to maritime industry, trade and tourism. Vietnam is also an emerging shipping hub of the Southeast Asia. Vietnam has growing oil industry with its own oil fields, rigs and refineries (one operational, another under construction), thus experienced high-quality subcontractors.

Vietnam has a population of 92 million and steady GDP growth rate from 5 to 8 percent annually. Vietnam has young, educated, hard working and easy-to-train workforce, yet affordable, numbering up to 50 million people.

Vietnam posses a strong development in private sector, both in production and services. At its best it provides a solid network of subcontractors, law firms, market researchers, human resources agencies, etc. A network that Gateway Norway AS already has and growing. For us, business in Vietnam – like everywhere in Asia – is all about comprehensive and reliable network, profound country and market knowledge, and purpose-built partnerships.

Simply, Vietnam is a key-strategic location – for FDI’s, Joint Ventures and subcontracting – to achieve cost-effectiveness in supply chain. Vietnam is a wonderful combination of traditional and modern, old and new. Industrial land and space is still affordable, yet with working infrastructure. Vietnam is also an origin of fine art and excellent food.


City view from Ho Chi Minh City (prev. Saigon). One of the tallest and newest high risers on the background.


View to the Saigon River from the HCM city center. The river is an important waterway to industry and the city, fuel and material transports. Note the harbour cranes far on the background. HCM City has one of the majort ports among Da Nang and Hai Phong.


View from one of the high risers to another, showing Saigon River on the right. Office space is modern yet affordable. Most of the white buildings on the background are apartment complexes.


A Street view from above exactly in the city center, Nguyen Hue street, showing some of the many hotels and office buildings.

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