Maritime, off-shore oil & gas opportunities

Located in the center of Southeast Asia and having coastal line of 3444 kilometers long makes Vietnam extremely attracting to maritime industry, trade and tourism. Vietnam is an emerging shipping hub of the Southeast Asia. Vietnam has growing oil industry with its own oil fields, rigs and refineries (one operational, another under construction), thus experienced high-quality subcontractors.

Vietnam maritime sector, especially Vietnam offshore maritime subsector, has been catalysed by strong government supports, fast growing oil and gas sector and present of international players.

Thanks to a number of favorable conditions such as competitive labor cost, strong development of oil and gas activities, skilful labor force, and favorable geographical condition, Vietnam maritime supporting industry has developed very well. Here are some of the fields with opportunities:

  • Shipbuilding facilities and machinery
  • Shipbuilding operations (cooperation, joint-venture of FDI)
  • Maritime equipment (local production and imports)
  • Project management expertise in shipbuilding and off-shore
  • Technical design and planning for vessels
  • Maritime training

 Anything above is not exhausting or excluding. Potential business opportunities exist in several other industry sectors as well.

 Placing or re-placing manufacturing, subcontracting or outsourcing materials, products or other resources, Vietnam is always worth of closer look and good for consideration.