Why this Offer

To take full advantage of a 92 million people fast developing country with present GDP growth of over 6 percent that is very likely hitting 8-9 percent in 2016, you may wish to take this very special offer seriously.

Vietnam will be among the world’s strongest economies in the future, and already in the near future soon to be signed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and EU-Vietnam FTA will give the country an enormous boost. As a member of ASEAN with a population of 600 million and GDP of about EUR 1690, Vietnam made products have a huge duty-free market area.

The Offer

Your organization pays from EUR 1,900 to EUR 4,000 flat fee per month to have your official representative in Vietnam. The validity of contract and obligations thereof is minimum 6 months. The scope and location of activities is negotiable.

Why is the fee varying between EUR 1,900 – 4,000? The answer is in the group power and cost sharing. If having two joint service subscribers, the fee is only EUR 1,900 per subscriber.

Moreover, did you know that your country’s ministries may support you in this venture? Like in Finland, TEKES or Finnpartnership can provide advice and even financial assistance. In Norway, contact the Innovation Norway.

For feasibility studies, investments studies or market research you do not need to establish any legal standing or any other organizational commitments in Vietnam. You only pay the flat fee and the business related expenses such is travel, meeting costs, communications and as agreed.

If wishing to do any other business like marketing in Vietnam, you need an official representative office that we can easily mediate and deliver, including legal issues, location, budgeting and staffing.

Sales in Vietnam with revenue collected, or manufacturing, requires either a foreign invested enterprise, JSC or LLC that can be owned mutually by foreign and Vietnamese stakeholders. In this we will consult you for the best and most workable solution, and arrange the necessary proceedings.

Our fees do not include legal services, government fees, or taxes, local authority fees or local salaries, rental expenses, transportation, or other business related expenses like costs of business meetings.

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